On the slopes of Rumiñahui Volcano, in a truly privileged position, Hacienda El Porvenir is the ideal spot from which to explore Cotopaxi, get to know the Andean way of life at first hand and have thrilling adventures.It is just one and a half hours by car from Quito and 4 km. from the northern entrance to Cotopaxi National Park.

The farmhouse is located in a very scenic spot, at an altitude of 3,600m, surrounded by four volcanoes, one of which is Cotopaxi. Our guests can enjoy their stay in a comfortable, functional setting. The farmhouse is made from local building material, keeping the spirit and essence of Andean construction. Faithful to its traditional design and in line with its needs, the buildings of Hacienda El Porvenir are set out around a large courtyard. These include the Casa de Hacienda, la Casa Chica, la Casa del Establo.The stables, saddle room and corrals add the touches of a real working farm.

The history of Hacienda El Porvenir goes back to colonial times. This territory, which was then known as “Pedregal”, was run by the Jesuits. In this vast area, the Jesuits raised sheep and later wild cattle. Five generations ago, in 1913, the old El Porvenir farm was bought by the Gangotena Escudero family, who have kept it up until modern times. More recently Hacienda El Porvenir has become known for its wild cattle, known as “Pedregal-Tambo,” belonging to Arturo Gangotena Escudero. Hacienda El Porvenir currently belongs to the Pérez Gangotena family, who decided to open it up to visitors in 1999, to share the magic and enchantment of this beautiful spot with adventurers from far and wide.

Recommendations: There is no minimum stay at Hacienda El Porvenir, but we highly recommend you stay for 3 nights or longer to fully experience this destination and what it has to offer.

When to visit: Whenever you like! We are open year round. Ecuador is well known for its eternal spring. Being on the Equator line, we have two main seasons: The green season or winter (October- May), here rain and cloudy skies are expected mainly during the mornings. The dry season or summer (late June to September) when clear blue skies with fantastic views and wind are expected. The Mountain weather is unpredictable; within the same day you can experience snow, heat, rain and wind.

Connectivity: Internet available in our social areas. Suites and Hacienda Traditional Rooms have WiFi. Limited mobile phone connection. No regular phone available at the Hacienda.

A working Hacienda: A working ranch that is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and cattle farming, to conservation and ecotourism. We produce the milk and make cheese and grow some vegetables and a small herb garden for our kitchen.



We offer different rooms for different interests and budgets.


With spectacular views, sitting area with efficient stove and private bathroom. Each room has its own personality and are very cozy and warm, they also offer privacy and comfort.


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The 5 traditional hacienda double rooms are very confortable. They are smaller than the suites but also have heating systems (electric heaters) and private bathroom. The rates include breakfast.

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Machai rooms (shelter in Quichua) rather than formal rooms, remember the huts built by highland Indians with their thatched roofs and matting made estera walls and doors. They are very warm and cozy rooms. Each Machai can accommodate two people, with the exception of the Master, which can accommodate four guests. The Machais share 4 bathrooms, 3 showers (hot water). The price includes the Continental Breakfast (coffee/bread/juice).

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How to get there

From Quito to Hacienda el Porvenir by Car:

Leave Quito by panamerican highway towards the city of Machachi. Enter Machachi and get to the central park (where church is), In a corner you will see a big orange sign that says Sufarmacia, there is also a sign indicating the route to the North Entrance to the Cotopaxi National Park. Follow this paved street - calle García Moreno approx 2 km. From then on the road its paved until you reach a village called El Pedregal (21 km from Machachi or 30-45 minutes from Machachi). 

During the trip you will find several signs indicating the road to Tierra del Volcan / Hacienda el Porvenir. Before arriving at El Pedregal, you will meet a black gate and stone pillars. Not fit into that gate, but continue along the main road (right hand) following the instructions of the sign that is next to the road. 

Into the that gate continue along the main road (right hand) following the instruction of the sign that is next to the road. On reaching the village of El Pedregal you will find a "Y intersection " and several sings. Take your right following the signs Tierra del Volcan by a gravel road, this is the same route to the north entrance of cotopaxi National Park Control. One kilometer from the diversion of the "Y" will find a sign on a wooden log that says Tierra del Volcan indicating arrival at the Hacienda El Porvenir.

Distance from Machachi to Hacienda el Porvenir is 21 km.

GPS Coordinates: 0° 31’37.1”S 78°27’11.6” W 

Look for us on Google Maps as: Tierra del Volcán / Hacienda El Porvenir

From Quito by Bus

To go to El Porvenir by bus, you first have to reach the bus terminal Quitumbe, which is located in the south of Quito. In the bus terminal Quitumbe you must take a bus that goes to the city of Machachi. The bus trip takes about an hour and a half or maybe a little less. Ask the driver of the bus to drop you in the park Machachi. From the Park of Machachi you can rent a pick up truck (green with white) and ask the driver to take you to Tierra del Volcán / Hacienda El Porvenir, trucks fee is around the + / - $20. In case you do not want to rent a van, in Machachi Park, next to the pharmacy "SuFarmacia" is the bus stop Climbing El Pedregal. There are four daily buses, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. If you take this bus must remain in the "Y" of El Pedregal and walk from here to El Porvenir, this takes about 45 minutes.