We are committed to fulfilling your needs in the most user-friendly way possible.  For instance, one may reserve pre-designed tours, customized tours, or simply lodging and a few outdoor activities. These outdoor adventures include horseback riding while being immersed in the Chagra culture (Ecuadorian highland cowboy), dining in traditional straw-roofed farmhouses, camping in small valleys hidden between mountain folds, trekking around the premises, climbing impressive peaks, ziplining over hills and paramo plateaus, riding mountain bikes through ancient eruptions from Cotopaxi, and visiting one of the highest forests in the world. Clients can also participate in the different conservation and community support programs through our ‘Traveling with a Meaning’ tailored itineraries. At the farm houses you will have the chance to participate in the daily life of the haciendas or relax in front of a crackling fire. We always strive to make your stay with us enjoyable and as adventurous as you desire.


These tours have set itineraries and are available all year round and MUST be booked in advance. The best options that can be taken on and around Cotopaxi are included in our all-inclusive tours. You will have a certified bilingual guide, transport, meals, activities, accommodation all packaged and customized so that you can enjoy the trip and forget about the rest! All inclusive Tours aloud you to explore the area on exclusive trails inside the haciendas and reach remote and unique places. Depending on the adventures you would like to do, the days you have available and your personal interests, you can choose from the following programmes:


These independent services are performed only with a native Spanish-speaking guide. The adventures include the necessary equipment for the chosen activity.
If you need and English-speaking guide, we recommend you to book an All Inclusive Tour or customize yours. You must book them with anticipation.

On our tailor-made tours, we aim not only to satisfy your personal preferences but also to exceed your expectations. We are specialists in Cotopaxi and have all the knowledge and experience in this area to be able to design a tour in line with your interests. Whether you are travelling with your family, looking for adventure (at any level of difficulty) or require personalized service, this kind of tour is the one for you.

Choose the adventures you would like to do, the days you have to do them and any special requirements you have. We will get back to you with a programme made just for you.