Tierra del Volcán was created in 1999 as a way of supporting the conservation of the páramos and its resources.

The goal of Tierra de Volcán is to share with visitors the beauty and uniqueness of this Region, while supporting the local culture of the Chagra and their traditional systems of production, while promoting the conservation, sustainable use and ecological restoration of paramo ecosystems. Tierra de Volcán operates on the basis of forms of ecologically, socially and economically sustainable land use on its haciendas.

Timeline 1996 / 2015

1996 University Project: Volcanoland: An adventure sustainable Hub on the Central Highlands of Ecuador
1997 Management Plan and Studies for Hacienda El Porvenir
1998 House adequation. 200.000 native planted trees planted for habitat restoration and conservation purposes on Hacienda El Provenir
1999 We opened our doors at Hacienda El Porvenir
2001 Join Venture with Hacienda Santa Rita for 10 years. We create a concept and a model for tourism in Santa Rita and run the tourism operations.
2002 First Canopy Tour in Ecuador was built at Hacienda Santa Rita, Cañón del Salto Canopy Tours. CUVA project starts ( CUVA is a Volcanic Hazard Mitigation Program held with the local communities to learn about the hazards involved when leaving close to an active volcano).
2003 Hacienda El Tambo was incorporated to our offer
2004 Cotopaxi National Park support: re building the North Entrance to the Park and the trail around Limpiopungo Lake.
2005 Condor Bioreserve support together with Fundacion Páramo and The Nature Conservancy.
2006 Guardia Montada Chagra creation. Local Chagras become friends with conservation programs.
2007 Re Furnishing and beautifying Hacienda El Tambo house.
2008 Hacienda El Porvenir new rooms at El Establo building
2009 New bike trails to Hacienda El Tambo
2010 200,000 native trees planted for the Forest Restoration Program
2013 Santa Rita Joint Venture ends. We give back the management of the Reserve to their owners.
2014 New Cotopaxi High Ropes course and a New Image, celebrating our 15 years of operation
2015 Volcanic Activity of Cotopaxi increases, new itineraries and strategies. Time to get inspired and to support the area we work at.