Our goal is to share and preserve one of the most beautiful places on our planet on the long term. We are a forward-looking enterprise committed to the preservation of the environment through creativity and a deep knowledge of the area we are rooted in. We believe in sustainability as a very efficient strategy to meet both human and environmental necessities.
We have been actively working since 1992 on the preservation of both cultural and natural environments, through a partnership with Fundacion Paramo, a non-profit organization that protects over 75,000 hectares (185.329 Acres) of private land in the territory adjacent to Cotopaxi National Park.
Each Hacienda has conservation programs running permanently through out the year and innovative itineraries to support those programs and raise our client’s consciousness about this particular and endangered ecosystem are now available . Programs that are sensitive to locals and that provide support for community, NGO, National Park or private initiatives.