APU is a Quichua word with two meanings. The first is mountain and the second is spirit. The Apus are the spirits of the mountains that protect the people of the Andes.

Integrate your senses with the spirits of the mountains at APU MOUNTAIN SPA. Connect with the Pacha Mama through massage and our relaxing whirlpools. After a long day of adventure, there is nothing better for tired muscles and bones than a relaxing and soothing massage. Let the experience wash away your stress and fatigue. Live the wonders of a Temazcal (Andean steam bath), heated by volcanic stones which are placed on a fire. This is will lead to detoxification, purification and a deep relationship with the earth. APU MOUNTAIN SPA is designed to connect you with nature, where the energy of the 4 elements; fire, earth, water and air, interact in our Andean spa. You can move from your massage to the Spa whirlpools which offer three different soaking styles and temperatures. The Spa has a traditional fireplace that allows you to deeply feel the heat. After a soak, the experience of getting out of the hot tubs, going to the temazcal and feeling the wind of the Andes on your body before entering the womb of Mother Earth, is exclusive to APU MOUNTAIN SPA. The spa is unique as we work with plants and elements extracted from nine volcanoes in the area to provide wellness and health.


Inspired by the culture of the Andes and its volcanic surroundings, APU MOUNTAIN SPA treatments and experiences allow you to enter a world where beauty, health and well-being merge into one. Treatments combine gentle massage techniques and effective remedies for powerful results. You will feel the harmony with the surroundings of the impressive mountains. A pure altitude Spa.


Temazcal means "house of hot stones." Tlazolteotl is Mother Earth and is considered the goddess of the temazcal. She is believed to devour what no longer serves us and transforms it into fertile land which creates new life. Inside the temazcal, which is the belly of the earth, the steam makes us sweat which removes toxins from our body. The temazcal will devour the toxins, absorb them, and will transform them into new energy, ready to nourish new life.

The purification of our being within the temazcal goes beyond the physical. The spirit also undergoes a detoxification through the words we speak and the negative thoughts that we eliminate. The temazcal will devour destructive thoughts and emotions to transform them into fertile soil, which will allow us to live our own rebirth.


Temazcal therapy produces sweat in our body from the medicinal steam. The steam is produced by pouring herbal water onto red hot volcanic stones. Each herb is carefully extracted from the area and has different medicinal qualities: for example, chamomile helps to cleanse the eyes and restores good digestion, while eucalyptus will help combat respiratory diseases. (We also use other plants from the area such as the matico, chuquirahua, etc.)

This ritual allows you to relax, cleanse the skin, purify the body, strengthen the heart, detoxify the blood and prevent disease. It opens the mind, develops perception, and allows you to maintain healthy bonds with your family and the community, according to the beliefs of those in ancestral Andean cultures.