Deeply committed to the land I was born and grew up, Tierra del Volcán was a dream that came true, throw the passion and compromise of our collaborators, staff, family and guests.

Tierra del Volcan is fertile land were authenticity, innovation, quality, safety and responsability are our pillars.

Our name evokes much more than a place, it is a whole magical destination in a lonely, untouched nook of the Andes.

Welcome, mi casa es su casa,

Jorge Pérez
General Manager
Tierra del Volcán

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on offering a friendly, safe, passionate, professional and efficient service to our clients.

This service leads to a harmonious growth of our organization, and the wellbeing and satisfaction or our guests, patrons and employees. We support sustainable development, caring for the protection and management of the environment. This development also includes social and educational projects in the surrounding communities. At Tierra del Volcan we uphold a philosophy of the utmost standards, where the protection of nature is present in every one of our products and services.

We are a creative and enthusiastic group committed to Ecuador, the world, and the beauty of nature, who wish to share our knowledge and experience of this natural place with our travelers. We hope you will join us in embracing the natural adventures that await you.

Corporate Social Responsability 

Tierra del Volcan works with The TourCert label  wich commits us to a responsible tourism, our management and information system are designed according to TourCert standards and have been verified by an independent auditor.The TourCert seal commits us to continuously improve environmental aspects, working conditions , Information to the client, as well as establishing fair commercial relations. The agreements with our service providers take into consideration environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria in the rendering of services, elaboration and selection of our travel offers.


Tierra Del Volcan compromises with effective crime prevention ESSNA 

Tierra del Volcan has a deep commitment with the Ecuadorian laws to promote the respect of  crime prevention ESSNA to prevent with in the touristic sector to prohibit practices such as modern slavery,  child abuse, labor exploitation. Tierra del Volcan has signed an act that compromises us to prevent such practices.