El Tambo owes its name to a former pre-Hispanic inca tambo on this spot, which was a resting and supply place in Inca times for wayfarers travelling between the highlands and the Amazon basin. This amazing location, circled by volcanoes such as Cotopaxi, Quilindaña and Antisana, is strategic for the conservation of species in danger of extinction. Minimum stay and recommendations: Our programs have a 4 night minimum stay, however, we highly recommend you stay for 8 nights in order to fully experience this destination When to visit: El Tambo is unique with every passing season, which is why we are open year round. The andean weather is unpredictable; within the same day you can experience snow, heat, rain and wind. From October to April (inclusive), we have fixed entry and departure dates. Please check our calendar Come prepared: View the list of suggested equipment
Hacienda El Tambo was declared Protected Woodland by the Ministry of the Environment in 1992 and actively supports conservation work in the area. The farm house was built with local materials, such as stone formed by the various eruptions of Cotopaxi, and straw. Here visitors can venture into remote, pristine destinations on exclusive, comfortable expeditions. Whichever way you look in this lonely land of the Andes, you cannot help but admire the magnificence of nature and the mind-blowing scenery. Hacienda El Tambo lies on the eastern slopes of Cotopaxi, at an altitude of 3,600m, and is four hours drive from Quito.
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